If you have been the recipient of a bronze cast military plaque, you will want to showcase it appropriately within your home or office so others can recognize your achievement. Receiving a military award is a great honor, so taking the time to care for it properly will ensure it looks its best for years to come. Here are some tips to use when caring for your military plaque so it looks sharp as well as some enhancement tricks you can use to catch the eye of anyone who walks past your proud display.

Select An Enclosure To Protect

Placing your military plaque inside an enclosed glass-front shadow box or cabinet will help keep it from becoming dirty or damaged. People will be curious to peer into the enclosure to see what is displayed inside. To further enhance the chance of your award being seen, make sure the enclosure is a contrasting color from the background used on your plaque. If you were given a light-colored plaque, use a dark wood enclosure made of cherrywood or teak to draw the eyes toward the plaque. If you have a dark plaque, use an oak or maple wood enclosure.

Use Lighting And Accompaniments

Placing your military plaque next to some of your treasures from your time in service is a great way to show some of the highlights from the days you had served your country. Place some photographs, medals, maps of places you had visited, and other memorabilia in the cabinet or shadow box. Place the plaque in the middle of the display so it is the focal point of your accomplishments. Use subtle lighting to help draw the eyes to the box or cabinet. This can be installed above or inside the enclosure, showing off the gleam of the polished bronze impressively.

Take Time To Clean Appropriately

Bronze needs special attention so it does not end up with a patina finish. This is the green look bronze will get as it ages as a result of oxidation. If you do not wish to have this natural occurrence alter the look of your plaque, it will need to be polished with a bronze cleanser every week or two to keep it in the best of appearance. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to rub the solution over the bronze portion of your plaque.

Spot cleaning should also be done regularly to keep debris from becoming embedded between the letters of your plaque. Use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any dust from your award. Hold it about an inch away from the surface so it does not scratch the award in the process. Taking these steps will keep your award in pristine condition so it can be enjoyed by many.