Are you struggling to survive a difficult work week? Perhaps you are missing sleep due to a teething baby. Or your toddler might have just spilled grape juice all over your white carpet. Regardless of your situation, you may be able to lift your bad mood by lighting scented candles.

Candles for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the process of elevating one’s mood and overall well-being through the use of scents and essential oils. Candles serve an important role in aromatherapy treatment. Who doesn’t like to enjoy sniffing a lovely fragrant scent? Some common scents are believed to activate the emotional parts of your brain. Therefore, many people feel that regularly using scented candles can positively affect your mood. Also, some professionals think that certain scents can lower blood pressure.

Examples of Candles to Try

If you want to improve the state of your emotions, you might wish to indulge in one or more of the following scented candles:

  • Lemon – If you’re not an early riser, light a lemon-scented candle each morning. This revitalizing smell will improve your energy. It may also help you concentrate on your morning tasks.
  • Cinnamon – Why only enjoy the delicious smell of cinnamon when baking? At the end of a long day, light a couple of cinnamon candles in order to relax and calm your emotions.
  • Lilac – If you struggle to remember kids’ soccer games, deadlines at work, and friends’ birthdays, you should try burning some lilac scented candles. This scent is believed to help with memory function.
  • Vanilla – If you want to think about some of your favorite desserts, light some vanilla scented candles. In no time at all, you might be dreaming about gooey brownies and delicious cookies. This scent may also put you in a romantic mood.

Lighting scented candles may not change the unpleasant situations in your life. However, the fragrant scents might help you cope with life’s challenges in a calmer and more focused way. If your feeling blue today, stop by your favorite retailer, pick up some scented candles, and sniff your way to a better mood.