Are you constantly looking for ways to become healthier and happier? If so, you may go to the gym regularly, practice a good skin regime, and frequently spend time with the people you love. Another option for well-being is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses oils and herbs to improve people’s moods and overall health. If you’re interested in a better quality of life, you need to learn the 5 herbs essential to aromatherapy.


Does your hectic schedule require you to eat too much fast food? Perhaps your greasy entrees leave you with uncomfortable digestive issues. If so, consuming thyme might help. This flavorful herb is believed to aid digestion.


If you are battling a sore throat, gargling warm water infused with sage might help. This natural antibacterial may also lessen the pain of gum disease. It is also thought to improve people’s memories. And, you can always use sage to prepare mouthwatering savory dishes such as Thanksgiving Day stuffing.


The crisp smell of mint is invigorating. If your dinner leaves a bad taste in your mouth, chew on a mint leaf. You will be left with a clean taste in your mouth and fresher breath. Like thyme, mint also is believed to help with digestive problems.


Basil has many different uses in aromatherapy. Besides helping with digestion, people feel that it relieves the painful symptoms of depression and migraine headaches. It also is thought to help people think more clearly. During the hot summer months, you can apply basil on your body to prevent mosquito bites.


If you can’t sleep at night, try sipping some chamomile tea. This herb is known to help people calm down and rest peacefully. Chamomile also is believed to help fight inflammation.

Stocking your pantry with the herbs essential to aromatherapy may be your first step to better health and emotional well-being. If you plant your own herb garden, you will be able to enjoy the positive benefits of herbs all year round.