Kitchens are the heart of the home for many families. No longer are kitchens simply spaces for preparing food. Now families spend time eating, socializing, and even doing activities like homework in their kitchens. With this switch to using the kitchen for more family-oriented tasks, it’s no surprise that creating a warm and inviting atmosphere has become a priority. In order to do this, many homeowners are choosing country kitchen decor. Creating a country style kitchen can easily be done with just a few updates.

The Cabinets

One of the first things that people notice when they step into a kitchen is the cabinets. When creating a country style kitchen this is a great place to start. There is no need to completely replace the cabinets in order to get a country look. A few additions such as new hardware and paint can give almost any style cabinet a country flair. There are many types of hardware that can lend a country feel to the cabinets. Homeowners should consider options such as cup pulls, window sash pulls, glass knobs, cremone bolts, and over-sized pulls for their cabinets. Paint color also plays a big role in country decor. Country kitchens often have cabinets in pastel colors such as pale yellow, cream, and light blue.

The Details

When it comes to country kitchen decor, the devil is in the details. One of the hallmarks of country kitchens are the useful, and often antique, items scattered throughout. Items such as wicker baskets are a great choice for country kitchens. They offer both storages as well as texture for space. Other items often found in country kitchens include antique dishes and glassware that are put on display on shelves and on top of cabinets. Hanging copper pots from the ceiling is another way to add a country touch.


One thing that can really stand out in a country kitchen is the appliances. Often the reason that appliances stand out is that they do not match the rest of the decor. Switching out a regular sink for a farm sink can make a kitchen feel more country. Other appliances such as old fashioned gas stoves and refrigerators have the antique looks that work so well with a country kitchen with all the conveniences of modern appliances.

Creating a country style kitchen does not have to be hard. Switching up cabinet hardware and paint colors can make a big difference. Small touches and details also help create a warm and inviting space. Switching out current appliances with ones with antique detailing is also a great way to create a country look for those who have more in their budget for updates. Look at Treasure Shop Gallery or other decor stores for more ideas.