If you want a truly creative and magical garden, you need to find unique items to fill it. A great way to make your garden really stand out is to use all sizes, shapes, and designs of flower pots and planters. From tiny to extra-large, eye-catching containers can turn an ordinary garden into an eye-popper.

DIY Recycled/Upcycled Containers

Recycling and repurposing are popular, and it’s fun to find unusual items one wouldn’t regularly think of as planters. Something as tiny as a demitasse teacup can be used to hold a miniature African Violet, while a wheelbarrow can hold a flower or herb garden. Some gardeners have gone to extremes with entire pianos turned into a garden and fountain. Don’t have much space, but want to grow veggies? You can go vertical by using guttering hung on fences or by creating a vertical tower out of a large PVC pipe.

Unusual Hanging Gardens

Hanging plants are eye-catchers anyway, but think outside the box and create something that will really turn heads. Place a planter inside a birdcage and let the flowers cascade through the bars. Hang old windows on a wall with attached window boxes full of annuals or herbs. If you love the vintage look, try filling an old hanging grocery scale with bright cascading plants such as petunias or calibrachoa.

Recycled Remodeling Castoffs

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most often remodeled rooms, and there are plenty of opportunities for repurposing old items into garden planters. Some of them may not be the prettiest ideas, but they are unique. The big joke is using old toilets as planters, but you don’t have to leave them as they are. Bury the stand in the ground or build a box around it from recycled wood. Old bathtubs make wonderful raised vegetable and herb beds, and the kitchen sink can be recycled either as a planter or as an outdoor garden sink. Old bathroom and kitchen tile can be broken and used to decorate terracotta pots to create something truly personal.

Not Creative? Not a Problem

Luckily for those who do not have a creative bone in their body, there are garden centers and other businesses that sell unique garden pots and planters in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for classy and contemporary, try the designer collections, which feature beautiful finishes and many unusual shapes. You’ll also find containers full of fun and whimsy, such as plantable concrete heads, cute metal animals and windmills.

Unique garden space is possible on any budget. You can find ways to recycle and repurpose all sorts of things creatively, or you can go for a more contemporary style by using purchased designer planters and flower pots. Whichever you choose, let your garden reflect your own personality and your visitors will love it.

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